THE cre..tive ROOM | Wild Yams Black Mothers Artist Residency

Wild Yams Black Mothers Artist Residency | We Will Chicago

Many blessings and abundance are pouring out onto my studio practice since I became a member of the Wild Yams: Black Mothers Artist Residency.

Wild Yams Black Mothers Artist Residency | We Will Chicago – Arts & Culture EventsWe Will Chicago is the first city-wide planning initiative in 55 years. Equity and resiliency are the guiding principles for this effort to address the needs of residents. Honey Pot Performance was selected by the City of Chicago to serve as the lead public engagement artists on We Will Chicago. HPP is a collective of artists inspired by the Fifth City model, a radical community experiment from the 1960s-1980s in Garfield Park. Their work centers on consensus-building strategies and focusing on community members as leaders, experts, and problem solvers.Artist Organizer teams are specifically aligned with the seven core pillar issues of the We Will Chicago: Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Environment, Climate & Energy, Housing & Neighborhoods, Lifelong Learning, Public Health & Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure.

Wild Yams (BMAR), Creative Director Wisdom Baty partners with Aaliyah Christina as HPP-Artists Organizers for Arts & Culture. Members of the public are invited to join these gatherings to meet the artists, learn about the citywide plan, and share their thoughts on the project pillars.

ARTS & CULTURE | September Events

All events are free and open to the public, registration is not required.

Learn more about We Will Chicago at Honey Pot Performance at, Wild Yams Black Mothers Artist Residency at

THE cre.æ.tive ROOM is a unique collaborative studio environment for exploration of space, design, and art. DIY Courses | Workshops | Seminars | Consultations provide design services to imagine, CREATE, envision your very own “ROOMSCAPE.” Studio Residency Programs offer a cre.æ.tive platform supporting artistic practices for Women + Creators of Color. Artists | Designers | Scholars can imagine, CREATE, envision their very own “STUDIO PRACTICE.”

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