I am by nature …

"Guided Hand"   Linocut on paper, 15.25" x 10.5"
“Guided Hand”
Linocut on paper, 15.25″ x 10.5″




I am by nature a dealer of words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity.


Stood Still In Time

The world has stopped turning.

My mind is free of fear, temptation, sadness, happiness, weakness, and free from myself.

I’ve been submerged in a world of thawing time as my eyes drift away.

I feel nothing. Absolute solidarity and peace allows these spirits to move right through me.

I feel called to this place. This place has been called a wonderland.


I wonder why these windows have not been locked shut or painted over from all the intruders that have made attempts here.

How can I still open the door when it’s been broken and beat down for so many years?

I haven’t given up on the love of man.

I haven’t given up on loving you.

My heart is soft with acceptance and longing to feel whole.

Here I can be whole.


I’m so lost in time.

I’m so lost in space. I’m free from myself.

I was a prisoner to my own deceit for so long until you calmed me.

I don’t want to cry any longer.

I need to save these tears or else my heart will dry out.


I can’t afford to fear the unknown because the price to pay isn’t cheap….these things need watchful eyes and hands to care for my precious heart.

Will you be my watchful eye?

Will you watch my soul and allow me to be free from myself?