The Word Bitter

I’m a mature adult. I have friendships with men that are 10 years and counting (without sexual activity)….and these guys are ACTUAL FRIENDS. There’s trust, acceptance, security, and fun…all this didn’t happen over night. It took understanding for both parties to make it through all these years. It doesn’t mean attraction isn’t there…it totally is present because we’re both humans. But what I value most about my friendships is that I can be my complete self.

Don’t jump to conclusions and think I’m not myself with other people. I’m always going to be me, but words like “bitter” send me into defense mode when it comes to making new friendships.

Guess what?? I’ve been hurt before…and not the typical “he hasn’t responded to my texts after a one night stand” kind of hurt….I mean the premeditated kind of pain that only time can heal. I’m on good terms with all my exes so how does that make me bitter?? And I made it through the storm with my head held high because I learned from it. But don’t dismiss my feelings as bitter….I’m not bitter but I’ve been let down. I can’t help but remember what I didn’t know in the past. You would think a man would be aware how women are hurt and empathize a little. (Considering men know more about male perspective) What does it take for a woman to be worth empathy???

Women and men will always be in a communication conundrum if one-sidedness is always being placed in the conversation.