Black Creativity Gala 2017

The Black Creativity Gala was a fun and glamourous event. I enjoyed mingling and seeing beautifully dressed people crawling all over the place. I saw a few old friends and made some new friends as well. I hope the folks that crossed my path that night can still feel my energy.

Upcoming solo show on campus!

I've been working hard preparing for my show in Rachel Cooper Gallery. Here is a preview of what I will exhibit...

First purchase gets a discount!

My online store has launched! Find my original artwork at wait..there's more! Use promo code FRSTBUY and get 15% off your first purchase of Lashon Fouche' Art.

Beauty Culture Project

Stopped by Blooming Normal Barber College (BNBC) this morning for the first run through of observational studies. This barber chair is beautiful! I was immediately attracted to the aged, intricate metal and large cushion. I'm looking forward to becoming more acquainted with this chair 🙂


Hello world! The latest set of drawings I posted are pocket sized...purse sized...and gift sized at only $12! Of course all my work is for sale, but these are great keepsakes and I want YOU ALL TO HAVE ONE. Here's a link to the category Sketchbook: (FUN FACT: These drawings were made live during Cafe´…

Getting it off my chest: The Meet ‘n’ Greet

This never fails...I approach someone with full intentions of networking and business....then they hit me with a fatal attraction. I call it fatal because they're too busy making googley eyes to hear me conducting business. This art doesn't sell itself! I appreciate the flattery and honesty but it would be great to lock in a…