Hello world! The latest set of drawings I posted are pocket sized...purse sized...and gift sized at only $12! Of course all my work is for sale, but these are great keepsakes and I want YOU ALL TO HAVE ONE. Here's a link to the category Sketchbook: https://artofvenisekeys.com/2014/01/21/some-drawings-for-your-thoughts/ (FUN FACT: These drawings were made live during Cafe´…

Large Nude Progression

This a detailed progression of Large Nude. I wanted to share some thoughts and strategies leading to the finished product of my first ambitious drawing. There will be more nudes to come!

Large Nude

This is the outcome of an earlier post called Nude Series 1 investigating the history of the black female nude. I'm satisfied with this although it's not complete. I joined together 3 pieces of sanded colored paper to create the size. I'll post dimensions of the drawing soon.

Nude Series 1

These drawings are an exploration of black female identity. I'm interested in countering the art historical role of black female nudes as a sexual deviants by asserting empowerment through color.