Resistance isn’t easy

I haven’t been posting as much as I should.

Vulnerability can be a problem when it comes to making the work because there are too many options. I have so many ideas generating them into reality can be intimidating.

I drove home immediately to pour over a book on black feminist cultural criticism. I felt unsure I may not be depicting this black experience justly even though I desperately want to share.

It’s go time.

It’s time to put it out there and I’m afraid of choking. I cannot let doubt win.

Feminist Test

I had the privilege of sitting in a conversation between young men. I had never heard such brutal honesty on the topics of sluts, sex, women’s bodies or anything falling in those categories. As the only woman in the room I respected their uncensored dialogue….I was glad to hear it come straight from the horse’s mouth. It was a great opportunity for me to practice listening and the art of not giving a fuck. But it does make me wonder about the complexities of men. How they can value a relationship with one woman, and yet completely trash the another.