Click for full image. Most of these paintings are not for sale. This gallery is a portfolio of my style over a decade.

2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Hi Venise,

    I’ve always loved your work! My fiancé just bought our first home and I only want original works of art on our wall so we’ve been looking and I came across your fb and this your website and we love love love code-switchin it’s beautiful and the aesthetic is what we’re looking for in our home. I wanted to inquire about the price and also if we could see the piece in person before buying it! I look forward to hearing from you. -Myha


    1. Hi Myha,
      Before I continue, congrats on the engagement!

      I appreciate you and your fiance wanting to purchase Code-switchin…you are more than welcome to come see it in person. The price is $250-300 so you can choose any number between that range. My policy is pay half of the total price as a deposit and then the rest when you are ready to have it delivered.

      It is a 3 x 3 feet square oil painting. I live in Normal, IL (30 minutes from Peoria) so whenever the two of you can make it out this way just let me know! My number has changed also, 7736630270. Text or call whenever to set up details.


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