I am a life-long learner moving between different worlds with my eyes wide open and fingers outstretched to whatever treasures fall before me. Even in childhood, I was making images for survival and communication. There was, and still is, always something to draw. I take this word “draw,” and the act of drawing quite seriously because it takes a special kind of perception to transmit the complexities of living into an image.

In my artwork, I am transmitting influences from tattoos, African philosophies, intersectional “feminist” thought, astrology, music, sexuality, postcolonialism, colorism, poetry, and more. My worldview has shifted immensely since I completed graduate school in 2016. I am now a 26 year-old American Black, same-sex married, vegan, stepmother….who is all equal parts painter, writer, orator, and curator. I am learning to be liberated in this current open-eyed wandering with outstretched fingers and a listening heart. My artwork opens arms: embracing femininity, loving queerly, communing with Ancestors, having a relationship with nature, and finding its center within the universe.