KaLab Bronzeville Gallery

I am the resident artist and curator at KáLab Bronzeville Venise Keys.jpgGallery in the heart of Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood.

What’s KàLab?

KàLab Bronzeville is becoming a staple in the community when it comes to creative experiences. This year, we brought a new style of paint & sip to Bronzeville while also having free community days, open mics, making custom shirts, art shows, rehearsals, open discussions, and other expressive activities. 2018-01-28-18-32-49So much so, we have been called “the Sanctuary for Creatives” or the “Mecca of Creativity”; because we support individuality in the arts and in our people.

What we offer?

KàLab is reigniting the artistic flame and thoughts of community in Bronzeville one mind and heart at a time. We have “KàLab” with some amazing talent over this past year from poets to artists to teachers. Our efforts in KáLab have taken us to different schools to create with the future generations too.

Our next steps:

As we close out our first year, we have set some new goals to better accommodate our customers, our kids, our artists, and our community. And we look to make an even BIGGER impact. More job opportunities, more creative education classes, more community engagement, & of course more FUNNNNN!

We will be striving to offer more community days to provide the youth a safe space to create, learn, and grow in an unconventional setting. We also want to present a grander platform for our performance and visual artists. Fun Friday.pngWe will be creating an digital platform as well this year for said artists. Furthermore, we want to start providing some snack and drink options.

Please visit our GoFundMe page to make a contribution to the expansion of our artist-led art gallery.

How Funds will be used:

We will be using the funds to allow our brand to be more efficient in our mission. Funds will be to make renovations, upgrade equipment and technology, acquire more space, obtain supplies for our community efforts, and for further brand marketing and outreach.

What type of activities will KàLab offer?

We will be offering different creative activities this upcoming year such as:
– Weekly specialty paint sessions
– Community Upcycled Art classes
– Instructed art classes
– Live art sessions
– Expressive Art workshops
– Gallery art showcases
– Senior Art workshops
– Nights for Youth Creatives
– Kid specific paint parties
– One-on-one art lessons
– More off-site KàLab activities
– Improve Improv and Open Mice night
– Community Art Block Party

This is just to name a few. We will continue having daily and weekly deals for custom shirts and/or for creative nights out.