Woman Made Gallery

My paper cut nude figures are featured in the Refreshing Feminism group exhibition at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Illinois! The opening reception is Friday, 2/22 from 6pm until 8pm.   I am one of 39 artists and I’m excited to see how the other artworks collaborate in conversation with my piece. I hope to see you all there.

Notes from a Jerry Saltz lecture at SVA

Here are my notes from attending a talk by art critic Jerry Saltz during the painting and mixed media residency at SVA in New York this summer. This advice closely relates to artists!IMG_0920.JPG

  • Keep it simple stupid or K.I.S.S.
  • Make an enemy of Cynicism (I know why…)
  • Eyes are looking out not in
  • Make an enemy of envy (among your peers)
  • Work, work, work, work, work
  • We don’t have certainty, we have paradox in the art world
  • Stay up late with other vampires and protect each other (yes he actually said vampires)
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself
  • Instragram is a “rebus”/ language in pictures
  • Pay attention to obsessions. There’s something inside of it
  • How big of a audience do you need and/or want?
  • All you need are 4 collectors, 1 dealer, 2 critics, and 1 curator to be a success
  • Commune with the ancestors!
  • Every decision you make is absolutely right
  • Artists are modern shaman
  • Artists are useless but we need you
  • Artists perform weird magic for cultures
  • We all have different Hamlet’s, we all are different villages
  • Disrupt icons with content
  • We live in a political age
  • Are your dreams giving you your entire career?
  • Use the value of art
  • Tell a story in your writing

Habits of Survival Opening Reception

Habits of Survival

Upcoming solo show on campus!

I’ve been working hard preparing for my show in Rachel Cooper Gallery. Here is a preview of what I will exhibit…





First purchase gets a discount!

My online store has launched! Find my original artwork at squareup.com/market/lashon-fouche…but wait..there’s more!

Use promo code FRSTBUY and get 15% off your first purchase of Lashon Fouche’ Art.

Beauty Culture Project

Stopped by Blooming Normal Barber College (BNBC) this morning for the first run through of observational studies. This barber chair is beautiful! I was immediately attracted to the aged, intricate metal and large cushion. I’m looking forward to becoming more acquainted with this chair 🙂

Salon Propaganda

I found these images in Underground Barbershop and BNBC.