a signature

end of the school year; graduation, saying goodbye, summer camps…
they all start and end here.
but to make it a little better, write your name in my yearbook,
– you think: oh what to say about this person, i could write ‘stay cool as hell and be sweet’ but thats too cliche.
you think thats enough and you’ll see them next year but we’re never guaranteed tomorrow.
its not a big deal but i dont want to be just another name.
another signature.
another K.I.T to add to the rest,
i wanna be that message you read over and over when you know you got someone thinking of you.
caring for you.
so unexpectedly nice of them to write how they feel
but its no big deal,
ill just write my number so you can call.
call to say hi, or get someone else’s number,
it no big deal but i dont wanna be just another signature with no space or place to write my name
or initial.
i dont wanna be ink to fill your page
of many friends.
i dont wanna be just another signature.
think of me as who i am


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