Manifesto on Not Being So “Me”

  1. Use your common sense, stop saying “I don’t know
  2. They’re not called gym shoes. They have their own name
  3. Don’t substitute ‘Fuck, Shit, Goddamn, and Motherfucker’ with ‘Frick’
  4. Don’t say ‘Frick’ in public
  5. Own at least one outfit from an urban designer
  6. Know at least one verse of a Lil’ Wayne song
  7. Don’t say ‘Frick’
  8. Be knowledgable of when to use ‘Popped, Popped Off, Raw, Fire, and Treated’
  9. Learn how to french braid
  10. Stop coloring your hair purple
  11. Watch BET
  12. Make sure the cleanliness of your shoes are a priority
  13. Stop hanging with weird kids
  14. Stop watching musicals and listening to their soundtracks
  15. Act black, don’t be so you

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