Final Farewell

I saw your flesh. Heard your voice in purists sound, yet couldn’t believe

So many times I studied a picture and used imagination to simulate that moment. Nothing prepared me for this. We clicked so naturally and warmly to laughter and shared gazes

It was like a dream

Although I lived that moment, I knew once you were gone the memory would go with you.


I love making you laugh. I love seeing you smile. I love when you make an asshole comment. I love how you challenge me. I love how you engage me. I love how you teach me. I love that you accept me for who I am



I need to see you again-

Sitting next to you was so surreal and lovely I need to do it again.


I wish I knew why you make me feel this way after 10 years



We’ve shared so many details about your private encounters, you’d think it’d stray me away

I feel so crazy for loving you because I don’t want labels or rules. That’s beyond us.

We have such a respect for one another that goes beyond category. I have a feeling I’ll be here for the long haul and I’m sure you won’t mind. I just hope that during your lifetime you won’t forget about me

I always thought you can’t miss something you’ve never had but I’m learning that’s not the case.



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