School Night

Sweet dreams like Rainbow Cone drips down fingertips of hands we held

Those were the every Sundays we would meet for sundae treats and roller rinks

The sneaks you always got me made it complete, it wouldn’t be a fun day if you didn’t buy 3…

Waking up from crust covered corners and early rising had me crying…BUT DAD! I DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL

He left me lying still whining while dressing me in my sleep

2 chocolate doughnuts and 1 milk for me before jumping out his big blue caddy

I loved getting dropped off by my daddy


One thought on “School Night

  1. Hey Cuzzo! Man have you grown and progressed and somebody extremely admirable. When I think think about your passion for art the first thought that comes to my head is when we were at Portia’s House for her wedding and you use to sit and draw stuff that everyone would ask you too. it was so entertaining. lol. but man I love everything you do. it’s like you took what you were good at made it a passion and expanded! I’m convinced there are some strong genes in this family because we are all great. Please continue to follow your dreams and endeavors. I admire you in many ways.


    Kirsten 🙂


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