Never Known Home

She has sex with people because she misses him so much. He’s always gone, which makes his phone calls that much better. He moved away when she was young so eventually she adapted to this life. She doesn’t know why she wants him so badly because she never really had him. Their chemistry is seamless, she doesn’t think she’s worthy of such a beautiful thing. Too intoxicating to be consumed by her lips so she sips slow. She fantasizes about their meeting everyday. But because he’s away she has sex with people….she has sex with people because she misses him so much. She tried to deny this feeling since he graduated from high school. He said NAVY and she died a little. She knew distance lied ahead but still became the trooper he told her to be. He said she’d be okay. Now she’s reached womanhood so these fantasies could finally come true. But how can he leave his dreamworld. You’re not supposed to be rude to friends so she denies these feelings a chance to take flight. She hides them. She could never face him if she gave her all. She can’t have him so she finds a replacement. Can you just take her away instead? Can she just follow you? This emptiness is too deep to bare. She doesn’t care about the material things, she just wants him. She has sex with people because she’s still so sad he left. I wish I could have you now. But since I can’t, I just find people to replace you.


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